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    Have You Sprinted Lately? It Ain’t Easy.

    Sprint workouts are tough, we all know that. Sure, they’re not usually as long as other workouts, but you’re red-lining the whole time. Heart pounding, heavy breathing, maxing it out — to the point of dizziness, for sure — and maybe a bit of puking …

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  • 6 Essentials You Need To Do Your First Triathlon

    The Bare Minimum – 6 Essentials You Need To Do Your First Triahtlon

    March always has a special place in my heart because eight (OMG, e-i-g-h-t!) years ago in March, I decided to do my first triathlon. I wasn’t really sure what a triathlon even was, but I desperately needed a new challenge and an inspiring workout goal, so …

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    2014 Triathlon Highlights

    Can you believe that 2015 is only 2 days away?! 2014 has been a great year and we’re really excited about the 2015 triathlon season! We are so thankful for all of you and would love to hear some of your answers to these questions below in …

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  • Christmas Giveaway

    Triathlon Christmas Giveaway!

    We’ve had some awesome giveaways this year. From Energy Bits to these resistance bands, from Huma Gel to this super rad lap counter, we’ve had so much fun giving away gear that we love and that makes training for a triathlon much more enjoyable. That’s why …

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  • Triathlon Bike Gift Ideas

    Triathlon Bike Gift Ideas

    1. Bike Doormat – Welcome friends into your home with this cheery bike doormat. It’s a great conversation piece and it will remind you of your love for cycling every time you walk in your door. 2. Bike Pizza Cutter – Don’t just carbo load… …

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    Triathlon Race Belt Giveaway!

    Ok, I’ll admit that many triathlon gear and gadgets are not totally necessary – some are just fun, but some are definitely worth the investment. If for no other reason then you’ll feel more like a seasoned race veteran than a newbie with a race …

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    What I Learned From My First Triathlon – Catherine’s Story

    Davey and I talk a lot about how to overcome your fears of the swim and how to train for a triathlon despite not having any experience in the pool because, for the majority of people, the swim is the toughest part of a triathlon. …

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    What I Learned From My First Triathlon – Pete’s Story

    Do you want to do a triathlon, but wish you didn’t have to swim? Then you’ll totally relate to Pete’s beginner triathlete story. When you first start training for a triathlon, you’ll quickly find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. For me and Pete, it’s the swim. For Jess, …

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    A Heart Pumping Triathlon Workout

    How to use a Heart Rate Monitor – Know your zones. In order to use heart rate training, you’ll have to have a couple things in place: you have to have a monitor (obviously), and then you have to know what kind of numbers to shoot …

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    Trainer Davey’s Birthday Giveaway – Heart Rate Monitor For Triathlon Training

    Last year, for my birthday, Jess got me a Garmin. I use it for almost all of my triathlon workouts, but it’s only been more recently that I’ve put on the heart rate monitor and actually looked at the data. Maybe you already know it and …

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    What I Learned From My First Triathlon – Chris’s Story

    Once you have your first triathlon under your belt, it’s easy to forget what it was like to be a beginner. The sport of triathlon can be pretty intimidating and there’s not a ton of encouraging, basic and helpful information out there for beginner triathletes. I think …

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  • Tired Run

    I Quit

    The sport of triathlon has enhanced my life in so many ways, but lately, I find that I’m turning into a bit of a triathlon troll. So I have decided to quit. Quitting usually has a negative connotation, but I see no other way to break the …

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    Our #1 Triathlon Swim Tip

    Our Top Best Tips For Beginner Triathletes in each Sport Jess and I are often asked “What’s your best triathlon tip?”. That’s a hard question to answer, because there tons of tips, in fact, you can download our 101 Awesome Beginner Triathlon Tips for free. But …

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