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    3 Ways Beginner Triathletes Can Swim Faster, Better and Longer

    It seems like there are two types of triathletes in the world: those for whom the swim comes easy, and those who the swim is the bane of their triathlon existence. It also seems like 97 percent of triathletes fall into the second, burdensome category. …

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  • Swim Legs

    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Develop Your Kick

    Getting started in the water…without panic attacks!  Here’s the secret: baby steps…. In the next few days of the Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp, you’ll take it slow, build gradual progress, and I promise that sometime very soon you’ll cross an invisible bridge and enter the land …

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  • How To Breathe Easier When Swimming

    How To Breathe Easier When Swimming

    Beginner Triathlon Swimming Tips Aside from wondering how to get rid of those ugly goggle marks that never seem to go away, one of the most common things that beginner triathletes are concerned about when swimming is how to breathe. And naturally, this should be …

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