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    Training For a Triathlon Race on Short Notice – Part 3

    Truth be told, I made some mistakes in my Asheville triathlon race, and we’ll get to those juicy details right after I briefly recap the last two posts. So far I’ve covered building a base so you have the overall endurance to perform in the three …

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  • No Peeing In Pool

    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Swim Etiquette

    How To Not Look Like A Fool At The Pool Now that you have your gear ready, are mentally prepared and you’ve found a place to swim and have scheduled in your first workout, what do you do when you first get to the pool to train …

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  • Zero To Hero Gear

    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Where To Start

    So, you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for your first triathlon, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to the swim. Here are 3 triathlon swim tips that will help you get ready to dive into your sprint triathlon swim training. 1. Find …

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    Motivation March

    I signed up for my first triathlon 7 years ago in March and ever since then, March signals  the beginning of triathlon season for me. March is a great month because we get an extra hour of light with Daylight Savings, winter is winding down (hopefully!) and …

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  • Walter Mitty

    Walter Mitty Inspired Me To Do A Triathlon

    Have you seen the movie The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty yet? If so, just sit tight, this will relate to triathlon, I promise. If not, drop whatever you’re doing and go see it ASAP because it is AWWWWWESOME. Without giving the whole story away, Walter …

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    7 Tips To Help You Start Training For Your First Triathlon

    I always move forward into the new year with tons of ambition, excitement and confidence that I’m going to crush my goals and stay motivated all year long. However, come February, my ambition and motivation have dwindled and my goals seem a harder than they …

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    The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes

    Every time I am on my phone, Davey thinks I’m looking at Instagram or Pinterest. Every time. While that may be true most some of the time, I actually do use my phone quite a bit for my triathlon training. Believe it or not, Davey, I’m …

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  • Life is like swimming in open water |

    How To Mentally Prepare For An Open Water Swim

    [I’m linking up with some other awesome triathlete ladies for Tri Talk Tuesday! They all have some great triathlon swim tips, so check them out!: You signed up for what?, The Tri Girl Chronicles and The Cupcake Triathlete.] This is what the Cumberland River looked …

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  • twotri

    To Make Big Strides In Your Triathlon Training, Take Smaller Ones!

    If you noticed my run time in the Race Recap post, you’ll see that I ran at a leisurely 13:40 minute mile pace. Yea, it was slow going, but I’m still proud of it.  Anyway, we did a ton of brick workouts in our triathlon …

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    Basic Running Tips for Beginner Triathlon Training

    Obviously running is a very important part of your beginner triathlon training. Not only is it one third of the overall sport, it’s the last event and final stretch of your race. I know you want to feel good on your run and finish strong, …

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    Beginner Triathlon Training Plans and Tips

    If you are looking for Beginner Triathlon Training information then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to, where we put some personality into triathlon training. Since you are a beginner triathlete and are brand new to the sport, this quick start triathlon blog will …

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  • Beginner triathlon training and EVERYTHING you must know |

    Beginner Triathlete Training And EVERYTHING You Must Know

    Starting As a Beginner Triathlete So you want to start training for your your first triathlon, huh? We think that is totally awesome! Great job! And you’ve come to the right place; we’re here to help you get started and to support you along the …

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