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    Giveaway – Energize your Workouts–and Life– With Plexus Slim!

    Problem: I gained 15 lbs, my energy went to zero and I was eating like I was training for an Ironman minus all of the training. After our half-ironman last September, I fell off the workout wagon. Davey and I had just spend 2-5 hours a day …

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    Happy Triathletes are Hydrated

    I used to have a really bad habit. This habit left me sluggish, irritable, bloated and thirsty. It made my skin look dull, gave me headaches and brain fog and dry mouth. My habit was… Gasp! Not drinking enough water. Now, maybe you’re thinking I …

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    Triathlon Nutrition Giveaway – Win Every Flavor of Clif Shot Bloks!

    Hey guys! Trainer Davey here with our latest triathlon training gear giveaway! Real quick, congrats to Bee Hare for winning our last giveaway! Everybody knows that when you’re training for longer periods of time, you’ve got to hydrate and you’ve got to fuel your body. …

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    Want More Energy? Enter This Giveaway!

    Call me crazy, but I don’t like sushi. And it’s not the raw fish that I don’t like, it’s the seaweed. I think it tastes like a fish tank. So when the generous folks at Energy Bits offered me a sample of their product, I …

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    Triathlete Nutrition – Beet & Sweet Potato Hash

    You can’t beat beets! Beets are all the rage lately… especially for triathletes. And for good reason! Beets are packed with tons of vitamins, disease fighting antioxidants and best of all, naturally occurring nitrates which help improve blood flow by opening up the blood vessels. …

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