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    Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge

    Yesterday, I was supposed to run 7 miles (I’m training for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon). However, #icepocalypse2015 hit us and since Nashville isn’t used to all this snow and ice, NONE of the side streets are plowed or salted which means that all of my …

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    How To Be A Happier Triathlete

    Are you a happy triathlete? Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. In fact, I was actually a very unhappy, frustrated and discouraged triathlete until I quit these things. I recently came across this article that talks about the 7 habits of people with remarkable mental toughness …

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    My Current Triathlon Mantra

    How I motivate myself to keep going even when it’s uncomfortable. Out of all my goals for this triathlon season, there are two that seem harder than the rest. Run faster – (5k in under 30 min and 10k in under 60), and Complete my …

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    “I Can’t Hear You”…

    source I have some bad news for you. When you sign up for your first triathlon and tell your friends and family all about your race, not everyone will think it’s awesome. Case in point: On March 4, 2007, I brought home the registration form for …

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    Motivation March

    I signed up for my first triathlon 7 years ago in March and ever since then, March signals  the beginning of triathlon season for me. March is a great month because we get an extra hour of light with Daylight Savings, winter is winding down (hopefully!) and …

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    Curl Up With A (Triathlon) Book

      4 Awesome Triathlon Reads It’s that time of year when the excitement of my New Year’s Resolutions have started to fade,  it feels like spring will never come and I’m lacking in the motivation I need to get in my triathlon workouts. This is …

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  • Walter Mitty

    Walter Mitty Inspired Me To Do A Triathlon

    Have you seen the movie The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty yet? If so, just sit tight, this will relate to triathlon, I promise. If not, drop whatever you’re doing and go see it ASAP because it is AWWWWWESOME. Without giving the whole story away, Walter …

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    We’re On The Lifestyle Accountability Show!

    Happy Saturday! A few weeks ago, Davey and I  had the awesome opportunity to chat with the guys from The Lifestyle Accountability Show about healthy living, how we stay motivated throughout our training, what our biggest challenges are and, of course, all about triathlons! You …

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    Why Do You Tri?

    Davey and I did the Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon on Saturday and we had a BLAST!  There’s something about a race that is so encouraging, motivating and uplifting. There were so many inspiring things happened during the race. The comradarie us women shared at the swim …

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  • Tired Run

    How To Banish The Post-Race Blues

    Can you relate to this? You’ve just finished your first… or fiftieth… triathlon and you’re on cloud 9. With the adrenaline and excitement of race day still coursing through your veins, you feel motivated, inspired and excited to maintain your fitness level and find another …

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    Meet Doug, Motivational Life Coach & Triathlete

    We’d like to introduce you to our good friend and Life Coach, Doug Richardson. Doug lives in beautiful Santa Rosa, California with his lovely wife, Valerie. Doug and Val have an amazing, life coaching practice and you should totally go check out their website, Awake …

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    Triathlon Training Mindset-Overcoming Fears

    Confession: I have some triathlon training fears to overcome. Lately, for some unknown reason, I’ve been really scared to fall of my bike. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m an ER nurse and I take care of people who have had bike accidents and …

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    My First Triathlon: My Goal

    Previous post But the world did not end and I woke up the next day with a new goal. I was not only going to do this triathlon, but I was gonna kick it’s butt. Then, I would go into the bike shop and tell …

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