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    Music City Sprint Triathlon Race 2015 Recap – Davey’s Version

    Sometimes you won’t be as ready for races and you hope for. And sometimes races don’t go as smoothly as you hope for. But in the end, it should always be fun, and there’s always the next one. That’s one thing I love about the …

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    Music City Sprint Triathlon Recap – 2015 – Jess’s Version

    5:30 am – Alarm goes off. Press snooze. 5:38 am – Alarm goes off again. Get up. Get dressed. Legs are still super sore from half-dome. 5:45 am – Apply race number tattoos. Go over race day checklist again. Fill water bottles. 6:02 am – …

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    Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap – Part 2

    We woke up to a foggy morning and rolled out of bed while it was still dark out. We were both pretty surprised by how fast we fell asleep and by how great we slept. Happy Anniversary to us! (We did this race on our …

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    Increase Your Confidence As A New Runner

    I remember when I ran my first 5k race like it was yesterday. I was a senior in college and it was a Valentine’s Day run. Having recently broken up with my college boyfriend, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I …

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    What I Learned From IM Augusta 70.3

    I feel like I need a support group because I’m feeling depressed after the last (and biggest) triathlon race of the season, the IM Augusta 70.3. There’s a chill in the air, leaves are fluttering off the trees, and our season is officially over. And …

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    Augusta 70.3 Race Recap – Jess’s Version

    The most common way to start a race recap goes something like this: “Grab a cup of coffee and sit in a comfortable chair– you’re gonna be here for a while because this post is longggg.” Well, there’s no surprise here… this post will be …

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    The 2014 Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon Recap

    The Riverbluff Triathlon is one of our favorite races. This is the 3rd year we’ve done it and we always have a blast! The race has grown over the past few years, yet is still has that small town feel to it– everyone cheers each …

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    Music City Sprint Triathlon 2014 Recap – Part 2

    “Goooooood Moooooorning Nasvhille! It’s going to be a beautiful sunny day with a heat advisory of 103°. By 8am, it will already be so hot and steamy that you will be dripping with sweat the moment you step outside. It is advised that you stay …

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    The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes

    Every time I am on my phone, Davey thinks I’m looking at Instagram or Pinterest. Every time. While that may be true most some of the time, I actually do use my phone quite a bit for my triathlon training. Believe it or not, Davey, I’m …

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    Swim/Run Brick Stack Triathlon Workout

    I don’t know if Jess and I have short attention spans or what, but it seems like we get bored pretty easily. We’re not crazy about doing the same triathlon workout over and over.  We love variety. We like to find new places to swim, …

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