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    How We Trained For A Triathlon While On Vacation

    This past week, Davey and I enjoyed 10 wonderful days in California visiting friends and family. We flew home on Friday and arrived back in Nashville at 2am on Saturday with just one day to prepare for our triathlon on Sunday. With a race right after a …

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    Triathlete Nutrition – Beet & Sweet Potato Hash

    You can’t beat beets! Beets are all the rage lately… especially for triathletes. And for good reason! Beets are packed with tons of vitamins, disease fighting antioxidants and best of all, naturally occurring nitrates which help improve blood flow by opening up the blood vessels. …

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    Triathlete Nutrition: My Favorite Quick and Easy Breakfast

    This has become one of my staples of nutrition for triathlon training…it’s so good! As a triathlete, I’m always looking for healthy meals that will not only power me through tough workouts, but are also quick, easy and convenient. This is especially true when it …

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    BeginnerTriathlete Nutrition Problems and Solutions

    As a beginner triathlete, it can be quite a challenge to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition you need to train for your first triathlon. A healthful diet can help you lose weight, recover faster and have more energy as you train. As a …

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    Easy Triathlete Diet Plan

    Triathlon Nutrition Made Easy Keep in mind that nutrition for triathlon, like other diet plans, are highly individualized. Some that work well for others may not be as beneficial for you. Indeed, there are certain basic rules that apply, however, in the end it comes …

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