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    Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge

    Yesterday, I was supposed to run 7 miles (I’m training for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon). However, #icepocalypse2015 hit us and since Nashville isn’t used to all this snow and ice, NONE of the side streets are plowed or salted which means that all of my …

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    The Perfect Triathlon Workout For You

    When it comes to training for a triathlon, it can sometimes be a challenge to fit in a workout. Somedays, most likely on the weekend, you may have a few hours to get in a long run or bike ride. On the other hand, you may not …

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    4 Injury Prevention Tips for Triathletes

    For Davey and I, having an awesome triathlon season consists of training effectively to improve our race times, making sure we don’t skip our strength training workouts, smiling during the race to ensure that we have great race photos, having fun and staying injury free. Having 3 …

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    The Triathlete’s Total Body Tabata Workout

    You know how your legs feel when you’re biking up a huge hill? Once you get to the top, you feel so much relief– until you realize that you still have to keep pedaling despite your legs burning and shaking in order to finish your race. …

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    The NOLA Triathlon Workout

    Beingets, gumbo, jambalaya, ice cream, fried chicken, po’boys, and muffuletta sandwiches are among the delicious foods we ate while spending the weekend in New Orleans. Since we have a bunch of races coming up, we can’t afford to go a week without getting in our triathlon …

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    4 Ways To Better Your Resistance Band Workout In Less Time

    How to Get The Most From Your Triathlon Strength Training Workout Resistance bands are a powerful tool to help you in your triathlon training because you can mimic the same movements you do when you swim, bike and run and because you can target the …

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    Super Rad Resistance Band Giveaway!

    How to ditch the gym and cut your workout time in half! My mom just texted me this photo of my parents home in New Jersey. My brother lives in Dallas and it’s going to be 63º today. I have to work a 12 hour …

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    Full Body Band Blast Workout

    Discover the advantages of using resistance bands for triathlon strength training workouts with this full body band blast. Ok, I’ll admit it… I’m finding myself in that limbo of knowing that I should workout, but not really wanting to go to the gym. Not only …

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    How To Avoid “Jello Legs” – Plyos Part 1

    Faster speed, better power, more sustained watts (aka, improved endurance), increased efficiency and no more jello legs…don’t all these things sound like things that would help you rock your next triathlon? Did you know you could get all this while actually spending less time training? …

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    A Mini Triathlon Cardio Workout With Machines

    Sometimes, I don’t feel like swimming, biking or running. But as we all know, our triathlons won’t train for themselves. So, for those cold and rainy winter days when I don’t feel like getting my hair wet in the pool, when I’ve already missed spin …

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    Holiday Strength Training Blast

    The holidays are here and that is great, but for me it always creates a little bit of a problem. The combination between cold weather outside, busy schedules, last-minutes shopping, parties and lots of yummy treats have me wanting to skip my triathlon training workouts. …

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    Hip Strengthening Stretches and Exercises for Triathletes – Part 2

      Hip pain and tight hips are both very common among triathletes and runners. Jess and I ran the NYC marathon a few weeks ago and after the race we both had, you guess it, tight hips. Even Pamela Anderson, who also ran the NYC …

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    Fun Lower Leg & Calf Exercises For Runners and Triathletes

    It’s crazy to think about the abuse your feet take in triathlon training, especially when it comes to running. Think about it: your calves push to lift your body roughly 1,500 times per mile! Not to mention that you’re landing on your foot with 2-3 …

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