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    Happy Triathletes are Hydrated

    I used to have a really bad habit. This habit left me sluggish, irritable, bloated and thirsty. It made my skin look dull, gave me headaches and brain fog and dry mouth. My habit was… Gasp! Not drinking enough water. Now, maybe you’re thinking I …

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    A Delicious Way To Hydrate

    During the winter it’s particularly hard to remember to hydrate. Unless I’m sweating like crazy during spin class or doing another tough triathlon workout like this one, I don’t drink enough water. Plus, cold drinks don’t appeal to me when we’re stuck in the freezing cold polar …

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    Triathlon For Weight Loss Series – Nutrition Tips

    Step 5 – Triathlon For Weight Loss Nutrition Tips Now that you’ll be training for a triathlon, you need to feed your body with proper fuel and nutrition. There are lots of diet foods and bars and meals that claim to be “healthy” and “low …

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