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    A Round-up Of Triathlon Awesomeness

    Thanks to the recent snow and ice storm, I had no other option but to run my 8 miles on the treadmill on Sunday, because #icepocalypse2015 and because I don’t want to be one of hundreds of people who have come into the ER after falling on the ice because …

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    Five Small Tips That Make A Big Difference

    Here are a few of my current triathlon training pet peeves: 1. When my shoe laces come undone while running. While I used to love when this happened because it meant I could take a break, ain’t nobody got time for that when it happens multiple times during …

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  • Borg Scale For Triathlon Training1

    What Is Borg’s Scale And How It Helps Your Triathlon Training

    A New Tool For Your Triathlon Training Belt A couple days ago, I wrote a post about “How to Run Faster” by using a couple of basic techniques that require you to pick up the pace at different intensities – a little bit to a …

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