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    How To Practice Your Triathlon Transitions

    Question: How do you practice your transitions when you don’t have anywhere to swim? Answer: Spin around 5 times and then run through a puddle. Seriously. When it comes to getting ready for your triathlon, you gotta work with what you have. Since we don’t …

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    Our Top Beginner Triathlon Transition Tip

    Just when you thought we were done with our top triathlon tips, we have another post coming atcha! Now you may be wondering, “they’ve already talked about the swim, the bike and the run… what else is there?” The transition… dum, du dum dum dummmmmm. But why …

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    10 Beginner Triathlon Transition Tips

    It’s easy to get intimidated after reading the some of the triathlon transition area tips that are out there right now. The tips assume you’ve done a triathlon before and can be intense and are usually focused on how to shave seconds off your transition …

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