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    A Heart Pumping Triathlon Workout

    How to use a Heart Rate Monitor – Know your zones. In order to use heart rate training, you’ll have to have a couple things in place: you have to have a monitor (obviously), and then you have to know what kind of numbers to shoot …

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  • Shortcuts

    Are Shortcuts Worth It?

    We’re a month out from our first half-Ironman and I have no choice but to get in some workouts before my 12 hour shifts at the hospital these days. I’m on my feet for the entire 12+ hours that I work and so in the …

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    Simple (But Killer!) Pool Session Swim Workout

    Not to toot my own horn, but this is honestly one of my best swim workouts. Not a favorite, but probably the best. It’s such an awesome swim workout because: It increases your overall swim speed Develops strength and power Hones in on kick technique (I …

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    Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks – Plus Giveaway!

    Last week, I read a couple articles about the importance of supplemental nutrition for triathletes. The reason being is that triathletes subject their bodies to long bouts of intense physical activity. But that doesn’t mean only Ironmen should take a vitamin and mineral supplements. These …

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    The Five Minute Triathlon Toning Workout

    Today we have my awesome sister-in-law, and personal trainer extraordinaire, here to give you guys a killer (and quick!) triathlon strength training workout. Having recently had a baby (Isn’t she cute!!! We love our niece!), Mandy knows how hard it can be to make your workout a priority …

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    The NOLA Triathlon Workout

    Beingets, gumbo, jambalaya, ice cream, fried chicken, po’boys, and muffuletta sandwiches are among the delicious foods we ate while spending the weekend in New Orleans. Since we have a bunch of races coming up, we can’t afford to go a week without getting in our triathlon …

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    Do This Triathlon Workout When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

    Sometimes I don’t feel like working out. I mean, I know that our triathlons won’t train for themselves, so I make sure that I follow our triathlon training plan and get my workouts in, but saying that I wake up super excited to swim, bike, …

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  • Jump Into Triathlon Strength With Plyos

    How To Avoid “Jello Legs” – Plyos Strength Training (Workout, Part 2)

    Now that you know why plyometrics are so good for triathlon strength training, here’s a few of my favorite plyo exercises and how to do them. But first, here are a few really important things to keep in mind before you add a plyo workout to …

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    Hip Strengthening Stretches and Exercises for Triathletes – Part 2

      Hip pain and tight hips are both very common among triathletes and runners. Jess and I ran the NYC marathon a few weeks ago and after the race we both had, you guess it, tight hips. Even Pamela Anderson, who also ran the NYC …

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    Nine Strength Training Exercises Every Triathlete Should Do

    Recently, I picked up IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, and again, was reminded about how important strength training for triathletes should be. While many triathletes know that strength training is important and even realize they should better apply it to a training …

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  • Hamstring Chair Stretch

    Better Bike Stretches

    Better Bike Stretches  Have you ever gotten off your bike and felt like you had to unbend yourself back to full, upright position like a tri-folding lawn chair? The bike can pose a bit of a problem for many riders, especially when it comes to putting …

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    Swim/Run Brick Stack Triathlon Workout

    I don’t know if Jess and I have short attention spans or what, but it seems like we get bored pretty easily. We’re not crazy about doing the same triathlon workout over and over.  We love variety. We like to find new places to swim, …

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