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Conquer the hill bike workout |

‘Conquer The Hill’ Bike Workout

On Saturday it was almost 70 degrees. It was such a gorgeous day and I’m sure that if I didn’t …

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How To Pedal Full Circle |

Three Indoor Triathlon Bike Trainer Boredom Busters

Nothing beats down my motivation to train for my triathlon like a cold and rainy day. Instead of gearing up …

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Photo 21

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Triathlon Workout No Matter How Slow You Are Or How Far You Go

I have 2 awesome apps on my phone that I use all the time: MapMyRun and MapMyRide. The only thing is that …

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Planet Bike Is Awesome1

We Never Leave Home Without This… And A GIVEAWAY! {closed}

So, if you watched our video yesterday, you learned how to change your bike tire with an air pump. It’s …

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DSC 013711

Triathlon Training 101: How To Change A Flat Bike Tire

Getting a flat tire was one of my biggest fears as I trained for my first triathlon. And then it …

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What To Do WHEN You Get A Flat Tire… Triathlon Training Trials

Question:  I enjoy the sport of Triathlon, including the many challenges it offers me, as well as, the opportunities for …

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Your Tri Workout: How Spin Class Can Help You Train For Your First Triathlon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, just sometimes, I have trouble pushing myself when it comes to my tri …

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Bike Chain Cleaning With Davey

Having a clean bike chain is really important because the all the sand and grime that builds up after your rides …

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ABC Bike Safety Check |

Get Your Bike Ready For The Road… And Ready For Your Triathlon!

Spring is here! That means triathlon season is right around the corner! Which also means it’s getting warm enough to …

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Top 7 Training Tips For The Beginner Triathlete

Top Seven Beginner Triathlon Tips Are you interested in doing a triathlon but don’t know where to start or how …

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