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A Triathlon Training Triumph : How I Set A New PR!

We made it to California to watch Doug compete in the Vineman 70.3! Since we’re in the midst of our …

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How to Run Faster Easier

Sure, everyone would love to be able to run faster and jump higher like the shoes promise. Especially triathletes and …

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Basic Running Tips for Beginner Triathlon Training

Obviously running is a very important part of your beginner triathlon training. Not only is it one third of the …

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Are You In A Rut In Your Triathlon Training?

Then buy some new socks! Specifically some bright neon ones.   Seriously. There is some kind of weird psychological thing …

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No Matter How Slow You Run, You’re Lapping Everyone On The Couch: Motivation For Your First Triathlon

I’m a slow runner. Like, really really slllooowww. I am 6 feet tall and have long legs like a runner, …

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Top 7 Training Tips For The Beginner Triathlete

Top Seven Beginner Triathlon Tips Are you interested in doing a triathlon but don’t know where to start or how …

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Life is like running a race |

Running Inspiration For Beginner Triathletes

One of the reasons that people think they can’t do a triathlon is because they are not too crazy about …

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Jess’s Running Music Mix

Hey guys! Jess here. I brought my ipod along too. I love to run with music. Davey and I used to …

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The Beginner Triathlete’s Running Gear Guide

1. Clothes  We’re not fancy when it comes to running clothes but we do like to coordinate with our sneakers. …

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It Was The Best Of Runs, It Was The Worst Of Runs

On Friday, I was on fire. Amazing songs came up on Pandora, I felt awesome—light as a feather— and I …

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