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How To Use Pool Toys For Triathlon Training

What are pool toys and how to use them to improve your triathlon swim Have you ever noticed these weird …

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Wanna Do A Triathlon, But Scared To Death Of The Swim?

Don’t let your fear of the swim stop you from doing a triathlon! Out of all of the people who …

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101 Awesome Beginner Triathlon Training Tips

Welcome to, and our 101 Beginner Triathlon Tips Guide! It will help you quickly get started off on the …

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A Dry Land Swim Workout For When The Pool Is Frozen

Truth be told, when the weather is cold outside, swim workouts fall off my wagon of priorities. Actually, if I …

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Trainer Davey Triathlon Stretches At Grill

3 Triathlon Stretches To Do While You’re Grilling

I’m a summer person. Having grown up in Southern California, I’m used to an endless summer. But here in Nashville, …

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How to mentally prepare for an open water swim |

Open Water 101 For Beginner Triathletes

  Swimming is my weakest sport. In fact, I actually avoided doing a triathlon for many years because I didn’t …

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Swim/Run Brick Stack Triathlon Workout

I don’t know if Jess and I have short attention spans or what, but it seems like we get bored …

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My Favorite Triathlon Swim Drill

When I first started doing triathlons, I dreaded the swim. Strap a helmet on my head a put me on …

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