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How To Put On A Swim Cap |

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Trainer Davey Triathlon Stretches At Grill

3 Triathlon Stretches To Do While You’re Grilling

I’m a summer person. Having grown up in Southern California, I’m used to an endless summer. But here in Nashville, …

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How to mentally prepare for an open water swim |

Open Water 101 For Beginner Triathletes

  Swimming is my weakest sport. In fact, I actually avoided doing a triathlon for many years because I didn’t …

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Swim/Run Brick Stack Triathlon Workout

I don’t know if Jess and I have short attention spans or what, but it seems like we get bored …

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My Favorite Triathlon Swim Drill

When I first started doing triathlons, I dreaded the swim. Strap a helmet on my head a put me on …

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Jess Open Water Swim

Tri Gear – Open Water Swim Essentials

We are firm believers that open water swims are super helpful and very important when training for a triathlon. Swimming in …

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Screen Shot 2013 06 10 At 9.12.10 PM

6 Simple Swim Stretches

We’ve been focusing on our swim training lately and that means we’ve been doing lots of laps and lots of …

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Life is like swimming in open water |

How To Mentally Prepare For An Open Water Swim

[I’m linking up with some other awesome triathlete ladies for Tri Talk Tuesday! They all have some great triathlon swim …

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How To Breathe Easier When Swimming

How To Breathe Easier When Swimming

Beginner Triathlon Swimming Tips Aside from wondering how to get rid of those ugly goggle marks that never seem to …

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